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By Tomorrow (anonymous) | Posted July 14, 2012 at 15:03:34

Tree Hugging Hippy: That very small parcel of land is the corner of a formerly 100% residential block located in the North End. Several houses were expropriated for the proposed Perimeter Road years ago, and now they need to be put back to complete the block, increase density downtown, etc. This parcel is currently only grass and surrounded on all all other three corners by parkland (Bayfront being two sides). Jay didn't allow the motion to be voted on by Council yet so as because he wanted to first consult with the neighbourhood, and he did via the NA, and has been in contact with the naysayers, and a broader public meeting is scheduled for Sept 13. I've been told by him and he stated in a NA meeting (twice) that NO developers are 'in the wings'. The money raised by selling this waterview property is proposed (by Jason) to go towards implementing the exciting traffic calming Child and Family Friendly plan for this neighbourhood. It's a win/win. And nothing to do with Barton/Tiffany.

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