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By alhambra (anonymous) | Posted July 13, 2012 at 14:30:37

Incrementalism: worse than doing nothing? The problem with doing this BS pilot project, just like doing two way on one section of York, is it reinforces the haters' predictions. Now they get to say: see, that should never be continued because look at how badly it worked in the pilot project.

Or maybe it's not incrementalism as much as it is compliance. We want complete communities, that's in the Places to Grow Act. We must have mixed uses. So let's put in some token walkability and then we can continue doing things exactly as before. Maybe if they didn't spend a few hundreds of thousands of dollars to paint lines on streets and pay IBI Group then there would be a legal recourse against them under the Growth Plan.

Cynical, yep. But contrast it to grassroots movements like Art Crawl and compare which has a clue. Why does everything the city touches turn into a soggy mediocrity? Compare the York farmer's market to Ottawa street and ask yourself if the City is helping or hindering the city.

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