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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted July 13, 2012 at 09:35:53 in reply to Comment 79445

I don't totally have an issue with it being just during business hours although as you say, we do need to work on the night presence. We want downtown to be more and more a place people want to work amongst and spend a day off hanging around. Growing up on the mountain going downtown was a big deal/fun adventure. Hell I am nearing 40 and I still get a bit of that same feeling when I am downtown. Was down there every day for three years before I finally got a vehicle again. I miss it but glad I had that time to truly see both the potential and the gradual change. It's not a bad downtown at all.

The Connaught is obviously one of those things from my long-winded rant above that needs a solution now. It's just this dark, dingy, facade covered in stagnant wood. If anything as I have talked about before, we should force owners who leave buildings vacant for so long, to build some sort of lighted window dressings/displays instead of boarding up windows. It would brighten up the downtown at least. I understand things take time. Just don't totally understand this building stinking up our downtown for so long.

What would it cost to take down the wood, build some boxed in window displays on all the windows and throw some art or advertising or something to add a little life to this stretch? Artists and downtownists would possible do it for free?

If we can't rush these projects, can we at least make the downtown appear to be more lived in?

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