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By DowntownInHamilton (registered) | Posted July 13, 2012 at 07:08:43

For the Casino thing, I heard the mayor talking on the Bill Kelly show a little while ago when Burlington and Hamilton were grouped together in the same "zone". He was throwing out hypotheticals about where the casino could be placed. I really liked one of his ideas - the Connaught. Here's why I like that idea:

  • Instant revitalization of a great building in an excellent location downtown
  • It's got a nice, large property that can run the entire block bound by King/Main/John/Catherine
  • It has everything a casino could want: space, location, parking (could be built underground or as a parkade attached)
  • It could easily incorporate the existing buildings

I think that with that done that could help feed into the core, but I'm not a city planner. I've also never been to a casino!

Sidenotes: I love that a Burrito Boyz is coming to our city. They make the best burritos out there. I tried one from Ole Gourmet but was sorely disappointed (WAY too much lettuce and filler, not nearly enough meat, and I wasn't asked what I wanted on it, they just put their toppings on it). Will still visit the Boyz location in Port Credit on occasion though, the surplus store next door can't be matched in terms of selection, quality and price. How come we don't have any surplus stores in Hamilton any more?

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