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By George (registered) | Posted July 12, 2012 at 19:48:49 in reply to Comment 79414

With all due respect, I don't recall any of what you typed in your first paragraph.

I don't think you could be more wrong or way off base.

All those things help the core, but to truly revitalize the core it must be livable. People need to want to live there.

That's slowly happening (too slowly), and none of that could happen unless most, if not all, of that civic "infrastructure" is present.

Get rid of the halfway houses and calm the damn traffic already.

I frequent downtown often, there are many gems and reasons to go there, and as much as I like NF and Clifton Hill, I much prefer Hamilton.

Never been to the casino, and have no desire to. I'd much rather give my money to local businesses that are making an effort in our city. And I get lots of enjoyment doing so, whether it be eating a meal at HARBOUR DINER, getting a coffee at THE CANNON, or watching live music at THIS AINT HOLLYWOOD, and attending art crawl.

Tomorrow night I plan to make a purchase at DR DISC (have never done that before).

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