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By Vod_Kann (registered) | Posted July 12, 2012 at 17:11:53 in reply to Comment 79414

I could see your point at first. I am not strong beleiver in a singular panacea or silver bullet that is going to revamp downtown Hamilton. That is because no one thing destroyed it.

the Downtown will prosper bit by bit, storefront by storefront.

Then you started going on the "Casino will save the downtown" part and you lost me.

Let me clear, I have no moral qualms against gambling or casinos. I have on occasions made conribution to our provincial government at slots and blackjack tables.

the problem with using Casinos for urban development is that Casinos are designed to internalize revenues. they want you eating at their restaurants, staying at their hotels and shopping in their stores.

So while a casino will bring people downtown, it will be bringing people to only one building downtown.

Proof of this is in Niagara Falls NY where they converted the old Niagara falls convention center into Seneca Niagara Casino. That Casino has thrived for 10 yearss, its always packed but the surronding neighborhood (except for the Crown plaza that was already there) makes Barton St look like Broadway

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