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By Cobblestoner (anonymous) | Posted July 12, 2012 at 11:05:18 in reply to Comment 79397

I don't know if the BIA has any options other than to import vendors for the Promenade. It's not as if the strip lends itself to colourful street-level experience.

My sense is that the tenant demographic will always make vibrant street life on the north side of the King a challenge.

Head east from Bay and you've got the AGH, Convention Centre/Fairclough Building, transit terminal, accountancy, bank, bank, bank, payday loan shop, convenience store, restaurant, restaurant, [vacancy], [missing tooth], bank, [vacancy], March of Dimes, nightclub, tavern, restaurant, consultancy, fast food, payday loan shop, courthouse, [comatose hotel].

Until the Connaught is brought out of its coma and commerce returns to the ground-level storefronts, my suspicion is that things will be random.

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