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By Cobblestoner (anonymous) | Posted July 12, 2012 at 10:14:10

Yes, we're finally approaching Mississauga-grade excellence.

Even aside from the yawn-inducing production values and car-friendly design, the pedestrian pilot project is disappointing because it is just so damned boxy. And i'm not just talking about the amateur flowerboxes -- everything about it reinforces a static grid. The City has apparently done its best to colour within the lines and prevent pedestrians from moving around too freely.

Ditto for the Gore Park Promenade, which simulates activity and street life for the benefit of those visiting downtown during business hours, importing businesses to pad out the place for three days a week during three months of the year. Visit during the day on a Monday or Tuesday, or any day of the week after 6pm. The pulse will be very different.

An irony of the old-timey snapshots screwed with educational intent into the planter facings is that the streetlife evident in those nostalgic frames was abundant and authentic despite the absence of a municipally mandated Urban Experience Zone of Engagement.

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