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By adrian (registered) | Posted July 06, 2012 at 12:59:13 in reply to Comment 79201

There are a lot of options for food in Hamilton's core.

I think this focus on food is missing an important point, which is that families rely on large grocery stores for a lot more than just food. I can meet most of my family's food needs just by shopping on Locke South, let alone venturing down James.

However, we also need such mundane but important items as diapers, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, garbage bags, lightbulbs, cat litter, and so on. In addition to these items, we require certain food items that are really expensive in smaller stores, such as the biggest box of Raisin Bran money, packs of yogurt containers, cheap cheddar cheese (my kids eat cheese like crazy), etc.

Relying on small stores for these items would probably increase my grocery budget by at least 50%, and that's just not tenable for my family.

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