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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted July 05, 2012 at 16:39:06 in reply to Comment 79219

There will unfortunately be some collateral damage done when any sort/level of gentrification goes on... we all seem to love these images & renderings (as do I!), but I fail to notice any crackheads, scooters or panhandlers in ANY of the renderings. That's cause they probably won't be there if/when the project comes to life.

An aspect of the discussion of 'reinvention' that usually gets short-shrift.

Or, in the case of the downtown-core, and why it's diminished so much over the past 20/25 years, ends up turning incendiary, especially when discussing those-elements-that-dissuade-people-from-going-downtown-anymore.

We seem addicted to anger and self-righteous indignation. (Oh, and desperation.)

The lovely rant from Jeff Daniels in the pilot of 'The Newsroom' includes the line 'The first step to solving any problem is recognizing that there is one.' Residents of Hamilton need to arrive at the point where this recognition inspires understanding. Then we can get somewhere.

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