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By mystoneycreek (registered) - website | Posted July 05, 2012 at 09:36:30

It's such a big deal for some (on Council) to consider a downtown grocery store/supermarket...grant or no-grant...because ...because... Because the people who shrug or pull a face at the prospect drive. They're disinterested. If you listen to the 'outsiders' commenting, or in the way they ask the questions they did, it's quite clear that there's disinterest going on. Never mind the complete and utter disconnect.

I'm sounding cynical here, but I guess I'm a little fed up with the shitty stewardship that's been provided the downtown core for more than two decades now. And this council...even the outlying members...seem quite prepared to add to this legacy. '

I'm not saying that Council should make it their business to make this happen in the form of a grant, and there are other ways to make things happen if you really, truly believe in the merits of things happening, period. But I guess I've reached the point where I'm tired of the tenor of Council.


What a wishy-washy mishmash most of the proceedings at 71 Main Street West consistently seem.

The sad thing is that in the two weeks since I wrote that, we've only seen more examples reinforcing my final statement.

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