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By jason (registered) | Posted July 04, 2012 at 21:37:50

Some background and clarification: This proposal is brand new. Once the school board bailed, this became their top plan. The Forum website made the '2012' comment about a year ago. It hasn't yet been updated.

Right now this is the plan: see if there is enough interest among creative firms who would be willing to sign onto a lease at a competitive rate, yet one higher than you'd expect for this neighbourhood, as money will be needed to pull off this reno.
In other words, a bland, new building could fetch a much lower rate than will be proposed here, but the partners are hoping that the right types of tenants will appreciate the incredible working environment and creative hub this could be, and be willing to invest to make it happen. If there is zero interest, back to the drawing board....hopefully some firms are interested and can help make it happen.

If you know of any interested parties, send them to the website to contact these folks.

And yes, my Google/Balzacs reference was shedding info on The point wasn't to expect those companies here, but rather point out that companies like them can be convinced to join something really cool and creative.

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