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By Steve (registered) | Posted July 04, 2012 at 16:34:00 in reply to Comment 79170

All successful developers who could incorporate the space for a small'ish grocery store into their developments.

Sorry, I'm not sold that $650K is enough to bring any supermarket into downtown. Before Toronto started getting all the "urban" stores of large chains, there were small independants and small footprint chains like Farah's who served residents with a wide range of goods.

It's a process and you can't skip a step or you will be required to go back to complete it later. First convenience stores, second small independant/chain grocery-type stores, then the big guys.

Besides there are plenty of options in Downtown Hamilton, you just can't expect to live a suburban lifestyle of one-stop-shopping. That's just one thing separating downtown from the burbs and makes downtown living all the better.

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