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By brendansimons (registered) | Posted July 04, 2012 at 14:46:57

I once suggested that we extend the waterfront trail along the CN line all the way across the city. Map here:

If you walk this route you'll notice three things:

1) The route connects the Bayfront to the Museum of Steam and Technology, and finally closes off a ring of trails around the Bay. 2) There is plenty of space in this corridor for a trail. 3) All of the oldest industrial properties front the railyard. This means beautiful big old brick and limestone buildings. The trail provides a guided tour of our industrial past.

I gather that there is little interest from city hall in pursuing this project (at least, from the councillors and staff I've spoken to). The recent expansion of the Hamilton-Brantford rail trail cost $2 million for 2 km, meaning that the full CN route would cost upwards of $9 million. Too bad, because I really like the idea of a Hamilton History Trail.

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