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By lakeside (registered) | Posted June 30, 2012 at 02:35:37

Doors Open Industrial? Yes, please.

The first few times I came to Hamilton was via public school steel mill tours.

An experience I can never forget is when the siren and strobe lights activate, then the explosives that were cast into the concrete bung plug going off, a huge explosion in a giant indoor space, followed by the molten steel running down the trough. When you see it in a video, the world doesn't shake like that.

We saw the finished plasma-breathing coke being pushed from the train cars after a day-long slow anaerobic burn.

Massive pieces of mining equipment being used move the cooled slag to the screening area with its mountainous heaps.

Rose-coloured memories of those field trips are now part of the retro-faux legend that tries to fill in the gaps between a childhood spent elsewhere and current life in my adopted hometown. We definitely got that sort of industrial powerhouse feel that you still hear about today. I always wondered if local kids got the same tours too.

Today,they'd never allow a group of people of any age to experience the bone-shaking reality of steel-making that we did but it sure would be nice to get a look at what happens inside all those corrugated buildings.

Competition, modern marketing and video, 9/11, and the school boards near-elimination of field trips have have all contributed to the disappearance of plant tours.

That said, there was surely a time, before Doors Open, when companies probably thought they'd never want to open things up to the general public. Now many see the value in showing us what's inside.

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