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By Jay Robb (anonymous) | Posted June 22, 2012 at 16:31:38

One other thought...

Is downtown Hamilton hampered by the lack of a public square / park? Roof of Jackson Square is not it.

I grew up in London, ON which has Victoria Park. I remember going to Friday night concerts and festivals.

Spent some time in Peterborough before moving to Hamilton. Little Lake, on the outer edge of downtown, had free Wednesday and Saturday concerts. Would draw thousands of people.

There's nothing that draws comparable numbers to the core on a regular basis and nowhere for them to go for outdoor events beyond concerts and sporting events inside Copps and Hamilton Place.

Aside from a handful of very good restaurants, there's not much reason for folks to head downtown.

Still think a solid block of ethnic restaurants, pubs and jazz clubs would be a good addition, closed off street during summer nights. Like Bourbon Street minus the beads and balconies.

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