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By Sky (anonymous) | Posted June 22, 2012 at 01:25:50

Thank you for this information Terry!

I have a hard time launching a law suit against another level of Government because; simply stated, it becomes my tax dollars in conflict and ultimately shuffled...

This article really hits home for me and as I read it...I too am in the EXACT situation!
How do I respectively as the City of Hamilton, to lower my taxes because I too am restricted (site specific), yet pay FULL COMMERCIAL taxes?

Any way of decreasing my $38,000.00 annual tax bill to the City would be greatly appreciated...
For the RTH readers...I have NO AMMENITIES, The City classifies me as 'RURAL', I AM SITE SPECIFIC AND THUS FAR NOT ALLOWED TO DO ANYTHING OTHER THAN AN ANTIQUE & FLEA MARKET...Yet I pay over $3200.00 per month in taxes...and I am open at the most two days per week.

Love that you are bringing this up Terry! How do we change the errors without law suits would be the question I pose back to you :)

Have an amazing day Everyone!


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