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By djfern (registered) | Posted June 19, 2012 at 19:06:55 in reply to Comment 78690

haha. I'm anything but miserable or disappointed and I knew exactly where I was moving to. I'm not griping at all, I'm illustrating a case for why one-ways have sucked the life out of Hamilton's major streets and I'm suggesting that with a hot real estate market (like in my hood), there's some of the conditions for change - but the one-ways are what's in part stopping progress. And yes, I think a street full of thriving local business is progress.

Yes, home prices are what caught my attention, but I certainly didn't move her for cost alone. I love that my neighbours not only say hi, but want to chat. I love that strangers on the street will make eye contact. I love that I got chewed out by a Tim Horton's staff person for not answering her question, "How's it going today?" I love the hiking and cycling along the escarpment, the easy ways in and out of the city. The slower pace. The two great farmers markets. The fact that I can wear jeans a sweatshirt and no one will think it's not appropriate for a night out.

I'm not advocating that every street should have gourmet restaurants and starbucks - that's what Toronto wants. But hey, wouldn't it be nice to grab a bite somewhere nearby that isn't pizza or wings? Or a coffee that isn't Tim Hortons? I know I'm not alone. And as the neighbourhood continues to evolve, I'm hoping new businesses will pop up to serve what people need.

I see that taking a lot longer if Main and King remain freeways.

And seriously, if you want to get across town quickly, Burlington ave already is a real freeway and it's never been busy any time I've used it.

Ok, one more thing: We love cooking at home and that's another thing we appreciate about the Hammer, having the time to do that.


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