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By CouldaWouldaShoulda (anonymous) | Posted June 14, 2012 at 07:33:32

I was at this, last autumn:

(While it was a great evening, I was rather surprised at who wasn't in attendance.)

Mr. Hume is a tremendous resource all by his lonesome. While the presentation he gave at the Football Hall of Fame was unquestionably insightful, I felt that he could have used a moderator, a contrasting voice, just about anything to delineate what he was there to offer up. (This is not meant so much as a negative vote against someone who I have joyously written about on my blog, but merely an observation based on wanting to make the most of these opportunities.) So Ihope that the format at the LIUNA event provides more creative 'friction'.

Were I in the city, I'd be wanting to go tonight. I envy all those who are attending.

As for "...not that anyone from city hall will be there to hear him," you're probably right. But once again, I see things differently: I'm equally saddened by the fact that, with the ticket price alone, '...not that many from the actual communities that can provide the real impetus for change will be there to hear him.'

Amidst the subsequent booing and downvoting, allow me to salute the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce's 'Renew Hamilton's initiative for creating this series...while hoping for more purely 'public' opportunities for learning and discourse.

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