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By Michelle Martin (registered) - website | Posted June 13, 2012 at 21:29:45 in reply to Comment 78434

Hey, I hear you on that. For me, to be able to work in a field in which I was qualified, on a schedule that suited me (I could be with the kids during the day and Stephen could be with them evenings and weekends), it meant getting a license. And then when the last one was in school and I was able to 9-5 it, I ended up commuting to Kitchener for over a year. So grateful to be back downtown, where I still need to drive my own vehicle for the job some days, but at least the gas and insurance have been more than halved.

I still have a hard time viewing the drivers license and the expenses that go along with it as an investment that pays off, though. Maybe I have to crunch the numbers and calculate how a different employment history would have impacted my earning power; but, really, it's entirely possible I'd have more earning power now if I'd taken a different route, who knows (not that I have any regrets career-wise at all)?

I do know that some years, when the budget was really tight, hand-to-mouth tight, driving felt like a necessary evil and not a long-term investment.

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