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By Zephyr (registered) | Posted June 13, 2012 at 10:33:22

My response to Ms Bishop:

"I suspect very few important, inspirational, creative changes have been made in this world by taking the "cheapest and least risky" path. And our city needs inspirational change.

While I believe deeply in fiscal responsibility, I also believe that the city of Hamilton is poised to become something more than it is, given just a few good decisions from people in leadership positions. Let's face it, the kids of our poorest neighbourhoods will benefit little from this new headquarters building. Especially as they can't even easily reach it due to the inaccessible location. But imagine the rejuevenation the Beasley neighbourhood could have experienced through the location of 400 good-paying jobs there, with the spin-off benefits those sorts of jobs entail.

Instead you have chosen to remove yourself as far as possible for the neighbourhoods that need assistance the most.

Your email proves that you did not even have the information you required to make an informed decision, and yet you still chose to terminate the process of finding a downtown location before it had finished."

My determination to elect a creative thinker has grown by orders of magnitude.

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