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By DBC (registered) | Posted June 12, 2012 at 19:29:58 in reply to Comment 78339

OK. Here’s reality. I live on Herkimer. I have lived on Herkimer for over 10 years. Herkimer east of Queen looks like the Indy time trials during morning rush hour. Fact. Why? Because cars can pass each other since there is no parking 7 -9 on the north side of the street.

Why doesn’t evening rush hour look like morning rush hour? Because parking is allowed on both sides of the street. Is there gridlock during evening rush hour? Nope. Is there gridlock when a car is illegally parked during morning rush hour? Nope. Why isn’t parking allowed on both sides of Herkimer during morning rush hour? Sure beats me.

Is there ever ANY speed enforcement on Herkimer? None that I have ever seen in my 10+ tax paying years of living here. Lots of RIDE spot checks at Queen……… belt checks at Queen (strangely enough, however, only during nice days in the fair weather months…………guess everyone wears their seatbelt in the winter and when it rains……you would have to ask HPS about that).

You know where you can find lots of speed enforcement in this town? Burlington St. where there are NO PEDESTRIANS.

After all. It’s all about public safety. Just ask HPS.

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