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By Disconnected Vision (anonymous) | Posted June 12, 2012 at 10:08:59 in reply to Comment 78367

Yes Jason everyone shares that vision. Thats not what I was talking about at all. Its a vision of what a city core should be. Its a vision of what a complete transportation system should be. Its a vision of urban vs suburban. Its a vision of care for our needy. There are so many disconnects among society and everyone seems to think that only they have the answers. Honest debate and compromise are to be vilified rather than applauded. We can do better but it starts with listening twice as much as talking by all concerned. It starts with simple respect for other's opinions even when you think they are wrong. The disconnect is not with city hall and its citizens, its the disconnect between the citizens themselves. The result of that disconnect is the kind of government we get, not the other way around

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