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By CouldaWouldaShoulda (anonymous) | Posted June 12, 2012 at 06:54:20

"Thus, while the DTMP has provided the main list of conversions in Hamilton, it is clear from this that neighborhood associations can also play a pivotal role in converting streets."

"Citizens and community groups interested in actually translating a plan into reality are best advised to pay close attention to the city's budgeting process, putting as much pressure as possible on their local councillors at key moments."

"Given that the two-way street conversions in the DTMP are entirely in Ward 2, this represents a real potential for communicating to Councillor Farr just how important people view the conversions and, ultimately, for holding him to account for his ability to get those projects in the capital budget."

"It's clear the city needs to implement its own plans and citizens have to put pressure on council to do that. Going forward, citizens also need to be a little bit wary about any future plans that city council solicits."

Thank you.

"The fate of the two-way street conversions shows that there is one process for soliciting citizen opinions, and another process entirely for getting things done."

And both processes need to be overhauled, and this will only happen when there's sufficient 'push' coming from the stakeholders, with this pressure displayed and executed in such ways as to render ignoring them impossible. (Or at the very least, ill-advised.)

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