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By CouldWouldaShoulda (anonymous) | Posted June 11, 2012 at 16:55:23 in reply to Comment 78318

"Have to agree that we've got plenty of cynicism."

We must get it wholesale. (Not to mention that it relates directly to our 'legacy malaise' as well as a distinct brand of both disengagment and a feeling a disenfranchisement...something that there's no 'They' to apply the blame to.

"In this particular case, I think that's because of what actually happened. If you were cynical before, this situation fuelled your cynical fire. If you weren't so cynical before, it very likely pushed you over the edge. Look at the evidence. It's all still there in the public domain for us to review. The online streaming of Council and of the Spec Editorial Board, the videotape of Mr. Bratina's speech, the email to the Spec, the comments to the media - all raise questions of intent."

Yes, it is. But then, I get back to 'perspective' and 'context'. And much of all 'this'...and I repeat, I'm no fan of Mayor Bratina and what's unfolded...while clear indicators of 'Something rotten in the state of Denmark' would not have had the effects that it has, were we not in such a habitually-beleagured state.

"Mr. Basse seems to have spent a lot of his time and his text talking about Ms. Chapman's salary, which Mr. Hatch did not question, although he may have disagreed with it."

Yes; go to The Hamiltonian and see what Mr. Hatch has to say about how disappointed he is.

"As I've said from the very beginning, for me this has never been about the salary itself. I don't know if Ms. Chapman is worth what she's paid, but I don't question the amount for the position. For me, this has always been about the labyrinthian logic and the incomprehensibly inept commentary of Mr. Bratina about the matter. Still is."

I agree. Where we don't agree is to what extent this should become a crux-point in Hamilton governance. This episode has been concluded. He's been censured. You cannot 'recall' him, or 'fire' him. He is who he is, unless for health reasons he resigns, what we see in front of us is what we have to work with over the next two years. Fomenting more discontent is not just pointless, not just immature, it's actually *not* rising to the occasion and simply getting on with things.

To believe that this interlude, the Mayor's ongoing whateverthehellyouwanttocallit is sufficient for us to take cover, batten down the hatches, pray to the new absurd. We all need to get on with contributing what we're each able to towards the next steps in our journey. Mayor Bratina is not the be-all and end-all of progress in this city, he's not the chief determinate of what's ahead. (Although someone more qualified might well be capable of playing that role.) There was never going to be the longed-for blood at the end of this sad moment in our history. No matter how dramatically anyone has framed it.

"Andrew Dreschel said it the other day, that this mayor has a couple of embarrassing firsts as his claim to fame not even halfway through his term. Let's all agree that Mr. Bratina's time in office will go down in history. Why, it already has."

Yes. And what has also 'gone down in history' is the sustained reaction some of us 'energized' Hamiltonians.

Leadership is more than just what's going on at 71 Main Street West.

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