Comment 783

By A Robot (anonymous) | Posted August 02, 2006 at 23:11:10

Great, because westbound traffic isn't clogged up enough from wellington to john already. Haven't we learned enough about half-assed mickey mouse two-way conversions already? I'm not talking about the first phase of the john-james switch, but the end product we have now. They are both still one-way as far as most motorists are concerned since they made it such a pain to use any other way. I'm talking about the left lanes that become turning lanes, the reverse-timed lights, and st. joseph's drive is totally useless westbound.

While I'm on this, why wasn't bay street converted while they were busy prettying it up? another direct southbound street is sorely needed in that area, particularly to get to and from bayfront park. Bay doesn't get ridiculous amounts of traffic anyway, and most of your time on the street is already spent at a red light.

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