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By This is engaged? (anonymous) | Posted June 08, 2012 at 12:35:05 in reply to Comment 78183

Whatever on the obsession with Allan Taylor. As things are now I agree you can get through in a reasonable amount of time and frankly its expected. Its not fast, in fact its slow but its not gridlock either. Thats totally expected under the current economic conditions of the area. I have no problem stating the obvious. Has the street-scaping helped King Street? Depends on what criteria you are applying. Its a much more pedestrian friendly area in International Village but the quality of street life really hasn't improved dramatically for reasons that have little to do with walk-ability. IMO International Village is a failure on all fronts unlike James N which has been a success due to the influx of the arts community. Who is going to be that next community for International Village? All the elements for a James North success are there to duplicate Montreal's successful one ways except permanent residents with disposable income.

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