Comment 78178

By Rene Gauthier (anonymous) | Posted June 08, 2012 at 11:11:44 in reply to Comment 78050

The one-way as a freeway argument is quite obtuse and very much abused on this site. Since when did a freeway have traffic lights that are sequential, based on travelling at a continuous speed of just slightly under 50 km/h? C'mon people! The only morons that are going that fast are just racing from Gage, to end up stopping in a panic at Melrose.

John and James are fine as two-way streets and until you can achieve the same or a better level of traffic flow, there is still no good argument for converting King and Main into two-way, especially when King Street is already bottlenecked from Wellington.

There really is only one way to make these streets a little more pedestrian friendly - better sidewalks. Of course having some place to walk to will help the same, otherwise the effort's for nought.

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