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By TOM LEAVING DOWNTOWN (anonymous) | Posted June 06, 2012 at 21:19:59

Bunch of lefty crap. Sick of these dumbass protests thru the core like the one this evening (June 6th) where a bunch of socialists walked down the street I live on banging pots and pans shouting,"Who's Streets? Our Streets!" WRONG. I lived here before Skydragon and whatever "indie" bullshit you goofs are have installed, I'm annoyed and will be leaving in the next 6 months after a decade of living here peacefully. I hope blogging and organizing facebook protests pulls enough taxmoney for the type of socialist non-sense you douches are advocating. Free education and then pay for university staff at double the rate of inflation?? How the hell is that going to work without robbing people like me who make less than $40K a year. Go **** yourselves you marxist trendwhore hipsters.

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