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By Kiely (registered) | Posted June 06, 2012 at 11:05:29 in reply to Comment 77949

I feel it important to note that "Downtown Kitchener" holds exactly the same drug/poverty/crime associations throughout most of K-W as "Downtown Hamilton" does throughout our 'burbs.

Forcing the closure of the many dive bars (e.g., Tommy's place) that lined this strip helped with that. I can speak with some authority that at one point its reputation was well deserved.

Kitchener is also a downtown that has lost buildings due to fire several times, the city has made some colossal mistakes with regards to downtown development and they've missed some opportunities for preservation. Recent improvements in Kitchener demonstrate that despite all of the things that have gone wrong doing something right rather than doing nothing at all is the way to progress. It also shows what academic institutions investing in a downtown can do to improve a downtown.

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