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By Jonathan Dalton (registered) | Posted June 05, 2012 at 19:46:46 in reply to Comment 77972

Among those who discussed the issue in the Ward 2 NA's meetings, not one disagreed with the position that our current system of 4 and 5 lane synchronized one way streets is destructive to our neighbourhoods. I am aware that less than 100% of ward 2 citizens agree, but it is our job as Neighbourhood associations to advance the issues that most feel are important.

The fact that some prefer the benefits of one way streets has influenced this letter. It does not call for the complete elimination of one way streets, but rather sets out a design criteria that if implemented would greatly reduce the harm of through traffic in our community. For example, a street could remain one way but add street parking and wider sidewalks and reduce the live traffic lanes to two. The intent was to produce a position that would win broad acceptance within the membership of our associations and All of ward 2.

I can personally speak for Durand and say that our board of directors is unanimous in opposition to one way streets and I have not spoken to one resident who supports them.

As for what we want, I'm not sure I can make that any more clear. We want streets that are safe, walkable and good for business. There is no such thing as a street that is walkable but unsafe. The concept of walkability is derived from safety as well as aesthetic considerations.

I can understand how a one way street may be safer in some instances, for example cars only come from one direction. However this argument is not simply one way versus two way. It is specifically critical of our current system of wide, multiple lane roadways designed to maximize traffic throughput at the expense of all other street functions. If you can't understand how these are dangerous, try walking down one. You are on a narrow sidewalk 3 feet away from fast moving cars and transport trucks. The price of an accident here, whether driver or pedestrian, is high. There is a greater likelihood of a collision, and if a collision does occur a greater likelihood of death, than a street with slower traffic, wider sidewalks, street parking, and any of the features I suggested at the end of my letter.

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