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By hey Larr ious? (anonymous) | Posted June 05, 2012 at 12:53:16

Hey Larr,
What the RTH reader above said about your federal election try? it's true. When you decided to mess up the last city election some voters took a look at the Elections Canada site for when you ran in the national election. Everything this person wrote in the comment in this thread is true, unless you don't believe Elections Canada. I'm not going back to find all that now because, well Larry, it's not worth it and the information is correct. It was even honestly and accurately on your Wiki biog for a while but it disappeared! Even you are not calling Elections Canada a liar right? Are you still supporting Conservative David Sweet like it said in the Spectator? Do you like all the Harper politics? Why did the Spectator ask you of all Conserv supporters about Bob Rae and the Liberal leadership? Somebody found a Spec article that said local Liberal organizers were really mad at you for your Harper & Sweet support--even though you used all kinds of raelly dumb excuses.

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