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By tell us oh great one (anonymous) | Posted June 05, 2012 at 12:00:14

Pray tell us, oh great sitter in the throne, which facts the public has known for years now are false? How come you took em off Wiki? Even Dreschel knew what the "facts" are. You are of a personality type that has never made, let alone acknowledged, a mistake or false act in your life. Professionals ran your campaigns, and you invented the stuff on the Ecklund blog--pulled down to avoid scrutiny & embarrassment, not because of Ecklund's phony laughable 'explanation' about fairness to all. Hundreds of thousands of Hamiltonians wouldn't believe you if you said it was snowing out [it isn't]. You are incapable of veracity. The Spec even edited your get out of jail so-called essay.

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