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By H+H (registered) - website | Posted June 04, 2012 at 12:39:14

Jonathan - kudos to you and to all of the Ward 2 Neighbourhood Associations for your coordinated efforts. I know the NA's in Ward 2 have been meeting together for quite a few years now, in spite of what others may think. This is just the latest example of community engagement by the boards of those associations, and the people they represent. Well done.

I think this is a hugely important step toward livability in downtown Hamilton. I know Councillor Farr is working with Councillor McHattie, and I trust others too, to finally get something done about conversion to two way. I'd like to believe that those Councillors who do not have any one-way streets to deal with will listen to their downtown colleagues with a very open mind, just as I would expect my own Councillor, Jason Farr, to listen with a very open mind when a Councillor is raising issues that affect rural residents and farmers. We don't have farms downtown. They don't have one way streets in the country. As a result, it is incumbent on our Councillors to listen very carefully to each others unique situations and needs.

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