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By ScreamingViking (registered) | Posted June 02, 2012 at 13:11:42 in reply to Comment 77855

Is it to tell citizens about the goings-on of the Mayor or his office? Is it to talk about the folksy things he knows about the city? Is it to discuss issues important to him? Is it a platform for him to talk about how great he is?

Well, we all know his opinion on "platforms" (of course, you were likely referring to "stage", rather than the political definition)

I think engaging in a discussion, even a limited one as possible through a blog site, is important. But there's little point if there's no actual engagement via responses to reader entries. Otherwise, all you'll get is what now appears on the Spec: a wide range of responses, some informed, some not, some agreeable, some offensive, with perhaps a bit of dialogue between responders. That's fine for a news outlet, but for a political leader who can potentially effect change there should be more to it for the blog to be of any real value. Otherwise it's just a column, and the mayor might be better served hosting that on a news website to reach the most readers.

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