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By DowntownInHamilton (registered) | Posted June 02, 2012 at 08:45:44

I was looking at the site, and can't find the focus of this blog.

Is it to tell citizens about the goings-on of the Mayor or his office? Is it to talk about the folksy things he knows about the city? Is it to discuss issues important to him? Is it a platform for him to talk about how great he is?

Maybe they don't know what it will be used for or grow into. But it would be nice to know. Simply saying it's to "engage in discussions, exchange ideas, and provide good information related to the City of Hamilton." is fine, but he says that's the mandate as mayor. Is there a specific vision statement or goal published somewhere? Maybe I missed it while looking it over.

Sidenote: Does the mayor have a twitter feed for quick notes about what's happening in the city?

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