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By Simon (registered) - website | Posted June 01, 2012 at 14:44:14 in reply to Comment 77695

It may seem counter intuitive - but there are tons and tons of studies that show over and over that stop signs do not slow traffic at all - except for the minimal distances it takes cars to brake and accelerate.

Nor do they make streets safer. On the contrary, streets with unnecessary - ie politically motivated - stop signs generally have higher speeds as vehicles accelerate between stop signs to make up time - and they are often more dangerous as drivers not expecting a stop sign at an illogical location routinely drive through them.

On the other hand - speed humps, bumpouts, street parking, islands, street landscaping etc have all proven to be effective in reducing traveled speed.

The bottom line - and this goes for all roads - is that drivers will drive the speed that feels appropriate to them. If the road is 5 lanes wide and feels like a highway - drivers will drive like they are on a highway - regardless of the posted limit, enforcement, stop lights, stop signs etc. See Main/King/Canon/Burlington/Victoria etc.

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