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By saveusfrom this (anonymous) | Posted June 01, 2012 at 14:32:30

"WHEN I WAS IN THE MAYOR'S CHAIR..." yes Larry, we've heard that ad nauseum, including in your "interview" with CBC/Hamilton in which almost-only you brought CBC here. When YOU WERE in the Mayor's chair, yuo were found uniquely guilty of several counts you plea-copped from 41 prosecution driven charges. You lied to CBC-Gillespie about your admiration for hard-working alt media--about which Ecklund's site blog allowed you to do defamation. Why Ryan is devoted to allowing you to reclaim your stuffed pompous self is his business--it's his site. But may the blind see by doing a little search engine digging; and by being reminded that you've lost three consecutive elections, incl. a federal election in which you did MUCH worse than Valeri and MUCH worse than other Liberals in Ontario in that federal election, and, again, Ecklund allowed you to blame it on the party leader, not on yourself.

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