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By highwater (registered) | Posted June 01, 2012 at 10:52:31 in reply to Comment 77643

Far be it from me to defend the board, but they are not allowed to put the proceeds from selling schools toward administrative buildings. They are also not allowed Ministry funding and must fund it themselves. The Ministry does have to approve their business case however, and the Crestwood plan is already Ministry-approved. The board says the Crestwood plan will be funded from the sale of 100 Main St. and their other non-instructional facilities.

However most people are not aware of this, so the optics of building themselves a new head office in the midst of such a massive wave of school closures are terrible, and it behooved them to give back to the city by engaging with the city in good faith to ensure their project was a net positive. This decision will have a lasting negative impact on the board's relationship with the city. We must never forget the names of the people responsible: Bishop (wards 1 & 2), Barlow (wards 9 & 10), Hicks (ward 8), Mulholland (ward 4), Brennan (Dundas), and Johnstone (wards 11 & 12).

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