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By johnfdavidson20 (anonymous) | Posted June 01, 2012 at 09:37:37

Business visibility is increased for those businesses on two way streets where drivers turn around and just reverse their route, however those on the streets that are abandoned get less visibility. Perhaps those on popular two way streets should pay more in taxes and rent and those on one way streets (or the less popular streets) should pay less. Avoiding stop lights leads to less pollution, less tension among drivers (ie. less road rage) and less wear and tear on cars. Safety is an issue I am not sure of--one way streets encourage greater speed (at least controlled by lights), but two way streets require drivers to be alert to things coming from all directions. When I first came to Hamilton I cursed the one way streets. My job required me to locate different residences and businesses and I found King and Main do not line up very well causing me to waste a lot of time. Eventually I caught on and did find it more convenient, but I can imagine first time visitors (and we need more of them) getting confused and the experience taking away from their enjoyment. I confess I like James St being a one way street), but as a consequence I use John St and Bay Street less--probably taking me 1 or 2 minutes longer to get home. So I can see why the merchants on James St prefer the two way system. I have gotten confused as a pedestrian walking across Wilson St, but am gradually getting used to that. The key is to balance all of these concerns. Hamilton is unique and I hope it stays unique, but not necessarily doing stupid things.

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