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By digression (anonymous) | Posted May 30, 2012 at 16:45:52

Digression---Anybody with a progressive thing or two to say who goes on anywhere on CHML deserves credit for courage, bravery, patience, and more. (Thompson goes out of his way to be "folksy" in the worst way and right at the easy surface--and in his Spec stuff too.) I am so far not figuring out just what the heck CBC Hamilton is actually adding to Hamilton info. And the pieces in the Spec last week on this question really didn't get to useful points. Even CBC/Hamilton home page is a wasted opportunity. Forget the map at the top and get to news snippets right there. Gillespie is after all an old Spec hand, so what could we expect? And in the Spec last week the issue was Gillespie's question to Bratina about what council thinks of him? Keep it narrow and small, CBC--unlike CBC Toronto which is truly engaging.

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