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By anonymously (anonymous) | Posted May 29, 2012 at 16:00:46

The school board is clearly out of touch with their school communities. I believe that perhaps they should have considered a redrawing of school boundaries. My son had a hard time adjusting to high school and needed to have smaller class sizes. He was missing a lot of classes as he was not getting help and was falling far behind. It was suggested that he should attend Mountain as they have smaller class sizes and more one on one availability for him. We had transferred him and he is excelling and actually enjoying school. It is sad that in a few more years potentially we will be back in the same situation.

The school board only cares about the money that they will gain as I they will probably be sold off to more developers in the future.

This was an unfair process and no public input was really ever considered.

The HWDSB should be ashamed!!

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