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By CouldaWouldShoulda (anonymous) | Posted May 29, 2012 at 15:18:33

"In the many conversations I've had on the subject of closing downtown high schools (the North ARC), the hardest allegation to swallow is that downtown families clearly don't care about these school closures at Parkview, Delta and Sir John A MacDonald.

What I feel is more true is that downtown families weren't informed and particularly weren't informed that they had a chance to speak up."

For the time being, I'll simply say that we have a systemic problem in Hamilton that, though the analogy isn't pleasant, reminds me of someone within an abusive relationship: they get used to not fighting back.

The most evocative remarks that I've read here, and on 'Dissidents' are those from highwater and Ms Ritchie regarding the profound lack of attendance and general participation on the parts of those people who have the most at stake. However, take a look at what Matt Jelly says in his piece 'HWDSB: Downtown HQ Task Force disbanded':

"...and many citizens, myself included, will walk away feeling that many of our representatives didn't truly listen to our input, and went along with decisions they had already predetermined from day one."


"I can say for certain that the general public did not vote for this in 2010. Perhaps it's time for every citizen to pay closer attention to who we elect, at all of our elected institutions."

More, elsewhere. (Naturally.)

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