Comment 77346

By hobbit (anonymous) | Posted May 26, 2012 at 15:18:03

comment voting and greying out makes this site utterly childish and monotone. I bet if you did a graph of users you'd a core group of 30-50 people providing 90% of the comment voting. I'd also be willing to bet that 90% of that 90 have their comment settings set so that they read every one. All the greying out does is allow one more way for the herd to tarnish the black sheep. It does not achieve its function of keeping 'conversations' on track. It should be replaced with a function where these 30-50 people who love to be in agreement have the option of sorting the comments so they see the top rated comments first. Then those of us who think those of you who vote on comments are ridiculous wouldn't have to be regularly confirmed of this idea.

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