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By jonathan (registered) | Posted May 24, 2012 at 00:02:03 in reply to Comment 77223

...I'm going to add to this by saying that, if one were to tell me that intersections were safer in two-way street configurations, and jaywalking was safer in one-way configurations, I wouldn't argue that. As a driver, I've had the, 'Look for the hole, look for the hole...there it is, take i---OH CRAP, PEDESTRIAN FROM THE OTHER WAY, WHERE THE HELL DID HE COME FROM?!?!' moment, and as a jaywalking pedestrian, I'd much rather jaywalk across Main St. than risk getting creamed while stuck in the turning-lane-only-centre-lane crap you find on other roads.

I should also took me over two hours to get from a jobsite in downtown Toronto to downtown Hamilton today, most of that time spent trying to get to the Gardiner from University/Queen. So my tolerance for highly-congested two-way streets is pretty thin today.

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