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By jason (registered) | Posted May 23, 2012 at 09:54:48

some funny stories from the past hour downtown: I'm driving north on Dundurn and end up behind someone patiently waiting for pedestrians to cross so he can turn right onto King. At the last minute he realizes King is one-way and continues straight. I was sitting behind him thinking "bro, I feel your pain. If King was 2-way I'd be turning right too, instead of shortcutting through residential streets on Florence, Strathcona etc....

10 minutes later I'm headed east on York approaching Bay. I was in the left lane to head north on Bay when I encounter someone driving straight at me after having turned left onto York from Bay. Again, a logical scenario in any other city. It even looks two-way now with the nice big flower median. I thought they were going to turn that piece of York two-way to Queen when it was redone, but why do that when we can make the worlds largest and barely used left turn lane?

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