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By jason (registered) | Posted May 23, 2012 at 08:16:44

Good piece.... for the record, I'm an 'expert user' and hate them.

I feel for the residential homeowners on all the cross streets between King and Main who put up with me and hundreds of other people each day using their quiet side street as a shortcut back to the one-way pair.

Of course, one of the main reasons so many people, including residents of Hamilton, get confused and lost by this system is because it's so rare to find. Virtually everyone lives in a neighbourhood in our province with normal, easy to follow, two-way streets. It's already been pointed out on this site that the 403 ramps could easily be curved to encounter King/Main perpendicular, and allow for a regular stop light interchange.

I was reading through the Strathcona Transportation Master Plan documents this week for a large neighbourhood-wide planning process that is underway. Regarding King at the 403, the MTO responded to the group by saying "no stoplight would be allowed on King because it would be dangerous for drivers". This, despite the fact that the curve on King and the huge road width have been identified as massive safety hazards to pedestrians and cyclists. Heck, even as a driver I hate navigating those on/off ramps....only pro race car drivers should have to endure such craziness. Apparently the MTO finds it really dangerous for a driver to gently press their brake pedal at a red light....

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