Comment 77193

By Parallax (anonymous) | Posted May 22, 2012 at 17:59:27 in reply to Comment 77171

Blinded by a beef. I'll grant selective pox immunity. What I see, on streets and not trails, are individuals who almost to a person exhibit all of the worst traits a cyclist can have, added to which you have ease of accelleration and almost total stealth. If you ride a 40cc moped, you need a license and a helmet, along with insurance. Twice this year I've had eBikers nearly run me down on sidewalks (scooters are no better but at least have the virtue of being more clamorous when they torque). If an eBike is a tool for escaping disability, that's one thing. If it's a way of getting around being denied a license (eg. DUI), there may be a greater grey area. But it seems like a market out of step with the real-world dangers of its product: Marketed as freedom, it gives you enough speed to play in traffic but not enough agility or pick-up to avoid collisions. Aside from anything else, it's a hell of a lot easier to flash-dismount from a bicyclist's stance than the default kitchen-chair posture more common to eBikers.

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