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By Parallax (anonymous) | Posted May 19, 2012 at 15:32:18 in reply to Comment 77124

Barton was a locus of interest and investment back in the 90s as well, predating Locke and James.

There's ample reason to be excited... great bones, true soul, full-flavoured vibe... I think it's a great street with a lot of potential, and probably more interesting than either of the other two, which are handicapped toward success (minutes from high-income residential or commercial core, respectively)... but Barton has also been in decline for so long that I suspect it won't suit anyone looking to recoup in the short term.

Barton is also very open-ended, as challenges go. When you say "James North" you're talking about a max of 15 blocks, from which most people are really only talking about 7, and of that most of the attention goes to 4. "Locke South" is at best 12 blocks, but again, most people measure only south of the tracks and stop at Stanley, so again it's 7 blocks max, of which most people are only focused on Herkimer to Pine, another 4 block run.

Barton, meanwhile, is a dozen blocks just for the span *between* Locke and James. Push along to Kenilworth and you're at twice the entire length of Locke South and James North combined. And still you're not even half way to the end of Barton.

I would hope that out-of-town real estate investment would be just one of a host of reasons the city could advance for leading change on Barton... if we make it look like a gold rush of speculative investment (thanks again for chumming the waters, REIN), well... I think we can all guess how that'll turn out.

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