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By jason (registered) | Posted May 19, 2012 at 09:12:25 in reply to Comment 77122

Those streets have certainly endured tough times, as most of Hamilton fell into quite a hole late last century, but let's be thankful that they weren't converted to 4-lane, one-way streets or they would be in MUCH worse shape than they are today. I still enjoy some of the best sandwiches in the city from various spots on Barton Street. Our family only buys birthday cakes from Barton and Sherman etc..... As downtown rebounds, let's hope it begins to spread along Barton....that street has tremendous potential.
As a side note, several TO architects, designers and real estate interests have been purchasing property on Barton over the past year. My city hall sources says they receive calls about Barton St regularly. Some months, it's the most inquired about street. Perhaps as Locke and James get rehabilitated, Barton will be the next frontier. I would be as bold to predict that Barton will rebound before King if we leave King with it's one-way highway.

Of course, industry has always been a focal point on Barton. It boomed when 40,000 workers rode the streetcars to the factories everyday and lined up down the sidewalk for lunch etc.... Now, most of those jobs are gone and many of the remaining workers don't live nearby. Proximity to industry built the street, but could now be the thing that prevents, or drastically slows it's rebound.

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